About the Photographers

Anyone involved in photography more than a decade remembers a time before digital when film was king.

Anyone involved professionally remembers trying to decide when to jump, "what do I need to learn? are the pictures as good?"  For me, that happened in 2005. Fast forward to late 2015 I decided to go through old slides and negatives to find anything worth scanning on the computer. The idea was to put together an online gallery of the best images both film and digital and then build an ever expanding library, but when it comes to photo prints, personal sites are usually underdeveloped and many throw their work in with bigger companies so you have to wade in and lose your identity in the process.


So now I knew what I wanted to build but we needed a name. Months of just feeling out ideas and Iconic Images was the best (roll credits). After that, it was a matter of agonizing over how to build the site and which suppliers to use. I wish I documented the process in detail so I could show anyone considering an online business.... don't even get me started about the logo. 


Now we are a small family business based in London Canada, halfway between Detroit and Toronto. Two Generations documenting the evolving world one snap at a time. As far as framing is concerned I decided rather than trying to teach myself how to make frames or assemble everything we would partner with specialty manufacturers and experts in the field who already have the knowledge and skill set so we can focus on the creative side.